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Taste of Asia in Burnaby, Canada

4 Jun

From Chinese food and healing herbs to Japanese candy and Philippine baking, the Crystal Mall in Burnaby (at Kingsway and Willingdon, near Metrotown) has plenty to offer to someone with a craving for a taste of Asia. This applies to fashions, toys, cooking utensils, and other consumer goods as well food (there’s even a store that sells those modern Japanese toilets with all the bells and whistles). And there are plenty of Lucky Cats to be seen (many, not for sale, but in use to beckon costumers and good fortune into the stores). Here are a few I spied on a visit to the Crystal Mall back in February:

This last group of Lucky Cats (above) is in the window of Moon Bear, a store that sells authentic Japanese Maneki Neko (including cell phone charms and stickers as well as more expensive figurines of different sizes) as well as other gift items.

A stop at the Crystal Mall is not complete without a visit to CandyLand, where you can buy a variety of fun candy from Japan (I came away with a bag full).

The Chinese traditonal herbal medicine store (below) looks intriguing.

Check out the whiskers on this last Lucky Cat (the Crystal Mall is possibly the only place I’ve  seen Lucky Cats with actual whiskers –not just painted on).

Next stop on the Lucky Cat tour? With a little luck, we’ll be heading south to San Diego, California, and the Mingei Museum.